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The Food-Powered Consultancy 

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Broadly speaking, consultants are independent, professional advisors who work as an advocate for their client. 


Chosen well, they provide knowledge, experience and expertise that don’t exist in-house, or resources not available in-house at the time they are needed.  Chosen poorly, they can misuse valuable and scarce resources, create negative narratives for their employer and result in no actionable outcomes for their fees.


The majority of food consultants work in the foodservice and hospitality industries, focussing on the design and implementation of foodservice facilities, operating systems and management systems.


PAPRIKA are different.  We are interested in people and helping to improve their lives.



Food is the universal language of communities. It is non-judgemental and inclusive, bringing people together across faith, race and gender, income and education.

Policies, strategies, events and activities that use food effectively as a focal point, have a higher chance of success.


Creating an obesity strategy that ignores local food deserts and skill shortages, writing a sustainable food strategy that doesn’t identify who the key beneficiaries should be, planning an event that didn’t match the participants to the surrounding community or target demographic; these are all linkages that will be missed, without the help of PAPRIKA.



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Event Research and Administration


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