The Food-Powered Consultancy
The Food-Powered Consultancy 

Project Inc.

Project.INC exists to promote and provide Inclusive, Creative Learning for 11-19 year olds. Our permanent bases are within local Arts and Heritage buildings, for a contextualised experience. This allows for an alternative approach that supports personal/social development.


They deliver access sessions to learners who need extra support in exploring Art, Design and Creativity. Students are referred by schools or local authority to access learning on a medium or long term arrangement. They are currently based in Greater Manchester and Cheshire within The Hat Works, Stockport and The Silk Museum, Macclesfield.


The first sessions at The Hat Works centred on Alice in Wonderland.  PAPRIKA  mixed up expectations of taste, colour and texture to encourage the students to invent menu items for their exhibition.  The class all had issues surrounding food and part of the success of the programme was in helping them look past these issues and to treat food as a tool for artistic expression. 


PAPRIKA  are looking forward to expanding this programme at other sites and with other themes.

We are located at:

New Mills in High Peak
4 Lea Street

New Mills

SK22 3DS

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